Peninsula Education Group is seeking excellent, open-minded, and committed Montessori educators who are spontaneous learners and possess great passion, creativity, and a willingness to take on new challenges while working with multinational cultures. For those who possess a love of learning and commitment to education, PEG offers ongoing career development and an attractive, generous package.
PEG extends a warm welcome to join us; let’s create a better world for our children together!


Generous, competitive salary & benefits
 Higher than industry-standard salary, plus semi-year, year-end bonus, and long-term incentive benefits, including profit sharing.
 Free tuition for staff children.
 Comfortable accommodation for field staff.

An international, superb working environment
 Respectful, inclusive and pleasant working atmosphere.
 Clean, elegant and world-class working environment.
 Regular staff gatherings, birthday and holiday celebrations, staff family outings.

Ongoing & comprehensive career development
 World-class training opportunities that reflect global trends.
 AMI courses around the globe are offered to excellent staff.
 To bring out each individual’s great potential, PEG is flexible and willing to break traditional and occupational boundaries.
 Compensation and advancement opportunities are commensurate with individual ambition, ability and potential.


Peninsula Beijing campus is located in Yizhuang, Daxing District, a state economic and technological development zone. The unique location and convenient transportation hub is a big advantage. It is a pleasant and comfortable place, for both living and working.

Peninsula Shanghai campus is located in the core area in the Pudong New District and is convenient to reach by railway, ferry, subway and vehicles. Its surroundings are perfectly supported, making it a convenient place for people to live and work there.

Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten is located in Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, offering the best sea-view campus in South China. After eight years of operations, we have built up an excellent team which is held in high esteem by our peers. The school is recognized and authorized as an AMI trainee’s internship and demonstration base in Mainland China.

Peninsula Wuhan campus is surrounded by a historical cultural heritage site in Jiangan District, on the north of the Yangtze River. The surrounding area consists of exotic old foreign-settlement buildings representing the history of modern China, which have had a profound impact on modern architecture. It is also possible to get a glimpse of the 16.2 kilometer long Yangtze River Hankou Beach Park.

Zhejiang campus is located in Tongxiang, adjacent to Wuzhen, a famous Jiangnan water village where water, bridge, and river streets are all connected and houses are built on the river bank, appearing as an oriental Venice. The architectural elements of water pavilion, bridges, stone lanes, etc., bring out the Jiangnan flavor. The architecture also reflects the classical and traditional Chinese spirit of “harmony is beauty”-- the natural and human environment are beautifully integrated.

Peninsula Education Group (PEG)


Peninsula Kindergarten, Peninsula Phase I,
Golden Century Road, Dongjiaotou,
Nanshan, Shenzhen, China