Field research on the School Characteristics of Peninsula Kindergarten


Field research on the School Characteristics of Peninsula Kindergarten

Accompanied by the deputy director of Nanshan Education Bureau Zhou Xinsen and the section chief Zhan Peiwen, the deputy director of Shenzhen Education Bureau Zhao Li and the division chief Ma Qindi came to visit Peninsula Kindergarten on February 22, conducting field research of the school-running characteristics of our kindergarten.

In order to promote the construction of model kindergartens in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Education Bureau chooses to conduct field

research in some standard and representative kindergartens, and Peninsula Kindergarten, characterized by Montessori teaching, is also on the list. Led by our principal Bian Haiyun, the Education Bureau leaders conducted detailed and in-depth research on the work of the new semester, the construction of the environment and our school culture as well as the staff and teaching resources of our kindergarten.

By visiting the classroom environment and observing the teachers, the Education Bureau leaders had an in-depth understanding on the overall environment as well as the hardware and software facilities of our kindergarten. During the visit, the Education Bureau leaders thought highly of the management and environmental design of our kindergarten, saying that our overall environment is innovative and meets the needs of children's development.

Our principal Bian Haiyun also introduced the characteristics and the core educational philosophy of our kindergarten to the Education Bureau leaders as well as our teaching exploration of the Montessori method based on virtue, art and aesthetics in the past eight years. After listening to the introduction and the report of our kindergarten, the leaders gave high praise of our work and encouraged us to continue our teaching exploration by fully using existing resources and sharing the fruits with other kindergartens. The school is deeply encouraged by the high praise of the leaders, and will take this opportunity to further enhance the quality of education.

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