International Exchange and Cooperation

To strive for excellence, we cooperate with domestic and foreign outstanding educational institutions and regularly invite experts to hold academic lectures to explore and share the most advanced educational ideas and models.

Educator Training

Regular short-term training programs are provided for early childhood educators, school administrators, teaching assistants and parents.

Teacher Association

We have established a teacher association to provide teachers with more learning and training opportunities including further study and career development through regular gatherings.

A Replicable Montessori Education Environment

To enable more children to receive standardized Montessori education, we will turn all our Montessori schools into a model base for peers to learn and emulate.

Academic Research

Through research, we will collect and disseminate the principles and practical experiences of applying the Montessori method. We will also work with educational institutions to continue doing research in partnership with our demonstrative kindergartens.

Education and Support for Parents

Through parent education classes, home visits and counseling, we will help parents apply the Montessori principles and practices at home. We will also provide parents with seminars and lessons on the skills of making teaching materials as well as provide courses on how to adequately meet the needs of children in the family environment.

Community Activity

We provide a place for the community to gather and promote early education practices. Parents, teachers, school administrators and local communities will all have an opportunity to participate in this activity.

Cooperation and Innovation

Our cooperation includes sharing resources with other schools and childcare institutions and providing a non-traditional way of raising children for families that need help. We will also work with many other non-profit organizations to create new educational programs and opportunities, and to provide quality Montessori education services to more children and families.