JOYCE JIANG Chair of the board

Ms. Joyce Jiang graduated from university with a major in painting. In 1993, she settled down in Hong Kong, and afterwards she went to New York and Paris to study the art of painting and language. In 2005, she went to Beijing to establish her first kindergarten, where she began to learn about Montessori education. After reading many Montessori books on her own, Ms.Joyce Jiang deepened her understanding of Dr. Montessori and her education philosophy. In 2008, she came to Shenzhen and established Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten and the Peninsula Education Group.


Executive Director
Peninsula Education Group

Dr. BianHaiyun received her Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati in 2006. Before joining the Peninsula Education Group, Haiyun was a tenured Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Haiyun also worked as a faculty member at Wright State University for two years, and has extensive research experience in machine learning, data mining and computer science education. She joined the Peninsula Education Group in 2013 and is now the Group’s Executive Director for all the projects in Shenzhen and around China.


Administrative Director
Peninsula Education Group

Ms. Katie Xie received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Shenzhen University. She has many years of administrative management experience in multinational companies. She joined Peninsula Kindergarten in 2009 and used to be the Vice-Principal for daily management. Now she is the Administrative Director of the Group and the Assistant to the Chairman.


Finance Director
Peninsula Education Group

Ms. Rachel Zou graduated from the College of Business Administration, Zhengzhou University. She previously worked in corporate finance and management for over 10 years before becoming a member of the Peninsula Education Group in 2008. Currently, she is the Finance Supervisor of the Group.


Peninsula Kindergartens

Ms. Zhang Baiqiao has been engaged in early childhood education for 30 years and has a wealth of kindergarten management experience. She used to be the principal of Beijing Jiade Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten and Shenzhen Yantian Experimental Kindergarten, where she received the designation of Associate Professor (senior teacher) and the title of Excellent Kindergarten Principal in Guangdong. She also has experience working as an education consultant in western China and a part-time education inspector in the Guangdong provincial government.


Executive Director
AMI - Training Center

Ms. Vivi Lau graduated in Fashion Design from Shenzhen University and used to be a top show director in China for many years. She became an AMI 3-6 trained teacher after her son was born. Currently, she is the director of the AMI Shenzhen Training Center.


Executive Director
Child Education Institute

Mr. Jiang Hongfu graduated from the Department of Mathematics of Jiangsu University. He also received a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Educational Management, Jiangsu Second Normal University. Mr. Jiang Hongfu worked as a mathematics teacher in secondary school for many years. He has many years of experience in school education and teaching management, and has published a number of papers in provincial periodicals. He is now the director of the Child Education Institute.

Team of Experts


AMI Trainer

Louise is an AMI Trainer with many years of experience working with children in Montessori environments, latterly running the Maria Montessori School in Notting Hill. She is an AMI examiner and lectures both in the UK and internationally. She also co-ordinates the AMI Faculty training in China.  She is on the council of Montessori Education UK, the body responsible for running the UK Montessori schools accreditation scheme and is the managing editor of the AMI parent support initiative Aid to Life.

She is regularly invited as a consultant for Peninsula Education Group.



Ms. Yu Yunxiang is an experienced Montessori trainer, a lecturer in various educational colleges in Taiwan as well as a lecturer at the Taiwan Montessori Teacher Training Center. She is the chief Chinese trainer at Montessori Teaching Method International Exchange Center and is the first to introduce Montessori education to Taiwan. She is currently a specially invited advisor of Peninsula Education Group.



Mr. Jack Yu has completed both AMI 0-3 and 3-6 diplomas and has 15 years of work experience in Montessori teaching and consulting in several Montessori schools in America, Shenzhen, Taipei and Beijing. He used to be the teaching director of Peninsula Kindergarten when it started in 2008, and was responsible for the daily management, teacher training, counseling, and parent education at the school. He is regularly invited as a guest lecturer at the AMI Shenzhen Training Center.


Teaching Supervisor

Ms. Coco Zhao received her Master’s degree in TAFE (Technical and Further Education) New South Wales. She is an experienced AMI 3-6 trained teacher of Peninsula Kindergarten and a teaching supervisor of the Group.Currently, she is undertaking the AMI Training-of-Trainer’s program, under the tutelage of AMI Trainer Louise Livingston.


Teaching Supervisor

Ms. Esther He graduated from Department of Preschool Education, East China Normal University. She is an experienced AMI 3-6 trained teacher of Peninsula Kindergarten and a teaching supervisor of the Group. Currently, she is undertaking the AMI Training-of-Trainer’s program, under the tutelage of AMI Trainer Louise Livingston.


Teaching Supervisor

Mr.Peng Ji received his Master’s degree from the Faculty of Business Administration, Kanagawa University. He received the AMI 3-6 training in Tokyo from trainer Sizuko Matu Moto, and soon after began working with children. Mr.Peng also received his AMI 6-12 Diploma (Elementary) in Yokohama after three years of summer courses. He believes that life is education, and that knowledge and practice are one. He is now a teaching supervisor of the Group.